Derived from an ancient grape variety, which has its roots in the Spanish land, this wine has found a new home in Sicily, a land of unparalleled richness. Its growth is favored by an extraordinary geographical position, located between the vastness of the sea and the majesty of the Etna volcano. This location offers the vine fertile soil and an ideal climate, helping to forge the distinctive character of this wine. Vinified in purity, preserving its authenticity and integrity, it stands out for a ruby red color of astonishing depth. Once poured into the glass, it immediately gives the nose an aromatic bouquet in which aromatic herbs, juicy red fruits and spices blend in a perfect balance, evoking the atmospheres and scents of the Mediterranean. In the mouth, it manifests itself with a surprising freshness, balanced by a solid and enveloping structure. This combination of freshness and body makes it extremely versatile in gastronomic combinations: it goes perfectly with rich and structured first courses, such as pasta with meat sauce or lasagne, but it also knows how to exalt itself in the company of second courses of red meat, game and semi-mature cheeses. This wine is not just a taste, but a real journey through the flavors and traditions of Sicily.

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Harvest: 2016

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Uve d’Agosto



Uve d’Agosto

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