The echo of the Benedictine monks whispers among the citrus groves of Tenuta Incarrozza.

A unique wine in the world and unforgettable weddings.

And what about me as an OPERATOR?

And what do I want to TASTE?

Between citrus groves and echoes of Benedictine monks, we have something you may have been looking for your whole life.

Not just wine…an experience. And know that if you’re looking for the perfect place to say “that” “yes”, you need look no further.

Discover the magic that has seduced thousands of connoisseurs and couples looking for wine or their perfect wedding.

In a world flooded with mass products and superficial experiences…

Imagine vast citrus groves shining under a blue sky, and…

In the center, a cellar that carries with it the legacy of the Benedictine monks.

Imagine a wine that tells a saga of centuries.

A cellar born from the legend of the Benedictine monks.

A journey through time.

If you're looking for the perfect place to tie your life to someone else's...

Where might you want to do it, if not in a corner of Sicily where every tree and stone has seen the birth of legends of love? So, are you ready to discover a well-kept secret in the heart of Magna Grecia, 10 minutes from Catania?


Ours lies in being custodians of a unique wine recipe in the world, which no one else can boast, our “White August Grapes” blend.

Against every stereotype we decided to create a unique wine of its kind by combining Grillo, the most traditional and representative vine of Sicily, with the vine originating from the Pyrenees “Petit Manseng”, a semi-aromatic variety that loads the wine with sweetness and a marked alcohol level making this wine international…

Like the weddings we celebrate at the Tenuta/Masseria, we like to imagine how different souls can mix together and always give unexpected fruits, aromatic and sweet combinations or sour ones like citrus fruits…

And this original recipe of ours creates a wine with distinctive aromatic nuances, with notes that evoke both the fruitfulness of citrus groves and the mineral essence of our lands. Its structure, elegant and complex, culminates in a persistent ending which, like the most beautiful love stories, is not content to end in a single gulp.

The care with which we produce our wine goes beyond simple winemaking.

Through cutting-edge winemaking techniques, combined with the secret methods of the Benedictine monks, we create a wine that is a celebration of Sicily’s unique heritage.

All our wines are born from this philosophy…

To taste it on your own skin, come and visit us and live an Exclusive Tasting Experience…


Drinking Tenuta Incarrozza wine is not just enjoying an excellent wine product; it is savoring the history, passion and exclusivity of a wine that is different every year and that only we have the honor and responsibility of tailoring, like wedding dresses. With us you will live a tasting experience that will make you say “yes”, “yes again”, “forever yes” and you can bring all the bottles you want with you on your return, or we can have them delivered comfortably to your home.
In base a 119 recensioni
Filippo Licata
Filippo Licata
Deve essere gradevole
Rosario Vigo
Rosario Vigo
Bel posto con piscina e un ampio parco e un bel vigneto, adatto per matrimoni e convegni. Vi è pure una piccola chiesetta dove una volta ci si poteva sposare.
Splendida location.
Rocco Simone tramontana
Rocco Simone tramontana
Salvatore Ciraudo
Salvatore Ciraudo
Erica Russo
Erica Russo
Posto incantevole , cura nei dettagli e tantissimi spazi dove diversificare le varie fasi dell'evento. Una cornice unica impreziosita dal meraviglioso vigneto alle spalle e da una terrazza super panoramica. Personale e proprietà di alto spessore professionale e infinita disponibilità. GRAZIE INFINITE A TUTTI , A PRESTISSIMO!
Santa Giuffrida
Santa Giuffrida
Lima Sierra
Lima Sierra
Splendida masseria, restaurata per essere godibile sotto tanti aspetti
Fabio Viola
Fabio Viola
Ferdinando Fragalà
Ferdinando Fragalà

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