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Call for enterprising restaurateurs and wine merchants

Hello Restaurateur! Hi Enotecaro! Tenuta Incarrozza is a brand that brings customers to the front door of your establishment. Have you ever thought that a bottle of wine could do more than satisfy your customers’ palates? With Tenuta Incarrozza, you don’t just offer a unique wine, our famous “Uve d’Agosto Bianco”, a blend of which we are the only ones to keep the formula… You guarantee your customers a one-of-a-kind experience that will make them talk again and again of your place and of you, as the enlightened custodian of an unobtainable wine gem. What you can tell them will be a story that your customers will want to share, even on social media… Imagine how many posts, tags, reels you will be able to receive, without having to make almost any marketing effort… And thanks to our history linked to the Benedictine monks, you will always have an interesting conversation point with your customers, to talk about all our other wines. Moreover, as you already know if you have visited the rest of the site a bit, our location is chosen by thousands of people every year to seal their love and do the big step… Imagine our customers, yourcustomers, fascinated by our wine , who decide to come to Sicily for their big day and, of course, choose to dine in your restaurant. Imagine how easy it will be for you to sell a wine that is already so rich in narrative, a wine that people choose for the most important moments in their lives. With the growing trend towards eco-sustainable and luxury weddings, our cellar represents an irresistible added value in your wine list. It’s not just wine: it’s business!

Promotional offer for restaurateurs:

Receive a bonus on your first order of this unique blend!

Call for Curious Agents

Hello, Agent! While other wineries are still trying to figure out how to differentiate themselves… We are the only ones in the world to offer a unique blend of Petit Manseng and Grillo and to have wines that have their roots in the tradition of the Benedictine Monks. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to enrich your portfolio with wines that tell a story, a story hidden among the citrus groves and whispered by the Benedictine monks who once lived here… This will make your job even easier! Isn’t it great when a product speaks for itself? When every sip tells a story that goes beyond simple tasting?

Promotional Offer for Agents:

Receive a bonus on your first order of this unique blend!

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