Uve d'Agosto

This wine is the result of a masterful fusion between two vines which, despite having distinct characters, manage to coexist in perfect harmony. On the one hand, the Syrah, with its velvety softness and its fruity tones, on the other, the Alicante, with its decisive firmness that recalls the wild lands from which it comes. Their union gives life to a surprising, long-lasting and happy marriage, capable of adapting to multiple contexts thanks to its innate versatility. On the nose, it will welcome you with an enveloping scent of ripe red fruits, blended with spicy notes that evoke exotic landscapes and adventures in distant lands. This aromatic bouquet is confirmed on the palate, where it manifests itself with a rich taste that balances sweetness and spiciness. But what makes this wine truly special is its ability to transform depending on the serving temperature. At 12° degrees, it reveals a lively freshness that makes it the perfect match for refined and important fish dishes, breaking the traditional mold and offering an innovative taste experience. If, however, it is served at 18° degrees, it shows all its structure, enhancing its body and making it the ideal accompaniment for succulent red meats and medium-aged cheeses. A true symphony of flavors and sensations, which adapts to the rhythm of your dinners.

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Harvest: 2015

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Uve d’Agosto

Alicante Rosato

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