San Nicola

Our lands, bathed by the waters of the river and nourished by volcanic ash, give our Syrah grapes distinctive characteristics, which are fully manifested in our oenological pride: the San Nicola. At first glance, San Nicola presents itself with a ruby red color so deep and intense that it seems almost impenetrable, promising a rich and enveloping tasting experience. But it is on the nose that this wine truly begins to tell its story: the primary notes of berries such as currants and blueberries mix delicately with spicy nuances, offering an aromatic bouquet that captures and seduces. In the mouth, San Nicola reveals itself in all its majesty. The sip is full, enveloping, characterized by soft and refined tannins that extend into a persistent and harmonious finish. This richness and complexity make it the ideal accompaniment for substantial dishes: succulent red meats, delicious game and expertly refined mature cheeses. And to fully experience the sensorial experience that San Nicola can offer, we recommend serving it in large balloon glasses with a rounded bottom. This choice allows the wine to breathe and release its complex olfactory profile, making every sip a real journey through the aromas and flavors of Sicily.

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Harvest: 2012

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Uve d’Agosto



Uve d’Agosto

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